Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The Human Body English – Portuguese:

Hips – Quadril/Anca
Throat – Garganta
Neck – Pescoço
Foot – Pé
Head - Cabeça
Shoulder – Ombro
Knees – Joelhos
Knee - Joelho
Toes - Dedos do pé
Shoulder Blade – Omoplata
Ankle – Tornozelo
Calf – Pantorrilha
Arm – Braço
Forearm – Antebraço
Belly – Barriga
Hand - Mão
Fingers – Dedos
Thumb – Polegar
Back – Costas
Elbow - Cotovelo
Heel – Calcanhar
Waist – Cintura
Chin – Queixo
Bone – Osso
Ear – Orelha
Shin – Canela
Joint - Articulação
Eyes – Olhos
Nose – Nariz
Wrist - Pulso
Ligament – Ligamento
Armpit – Axila
BJJ Related Injuries

Cauliflower – orelha quebrada/Estoirada
Injury – Contusão
Staph – Forúnculo
Cut – Corte
Injures – Machucado
BJJ Positions Names

Posture – Postura
Look Up – Olha Pra Cima
Escape the Hips – Fugir de Quadril/Fuga de Quadril
“Pummel” – Esgrima
Slide – Escorrega
All Fours – De Quatro
Turn on All Fours – Vira De Quatro
Arm Bar – Chave de Braço
Knee Bar – Chave de Perna reta/Leg lock
Foot Lock – Chave de pé
Americana – Americana
Kimura – Kimura
Side Control -Cem Kilos/ Cruzada
Full Guard – Guarda
Closed Guard -Guarda Fechada
Half Guard – Meia Guarda
Butterfly Guard – Guarda de Ganchos
Spider Guard – Guarda Aranha
Guard Pass – Passagem de Guarda
Stack Guard Pass -Bandeja
Mount – Montada
Choke – Estrangulamento
Triangle – Triângulo
RNC – Mata-Leão
Guillotine – Guilhotina
To Roll – Rolar
Pushup – Flexão
Situp – Abdominal
Grips -Pegadas
Throw – Queda
Take down – Derrubar
Double Leg – Baiana
Hook – Gancho
Pull – Puxe
Push – Empurre
Escape – Fuga
Sweep – Raspada
Clock Choke – Estrangulamento de Relogio
Wristlock – Mäo de Vaca
On top – Por cima
Above – Acima
Below, beneath – Debaixo, Por Baixo
Warmup – Aquecimento
Strech – Alongamento
Toe Hold – Mata-Leão no Pé
North South – Meia Nove/Norte Sul
Sit Up – Sentar
Grab – Agarrar
BJJ Colors and Kit

Belt – Faixa
Bar on the belt – Gráu
Fabric – Pano
Sleeve – Manga
Collar – Gola
Lapel – Lapela
Gi – Kimono
Mat – Tatame
White – Branco
Blue – Azul
Purple – Roxa
Brown – Marrom
Black – Preta
Red – Vermelho/a
Other (Entertainment Value) BJJ Words

Gassed – Cansado
On Steroids – Bombado
Damn – Porra
Let’s go! – Vamo Bora
Go – Bora
Bastard – Veado (does not mean the same thing but has the same conversational value)
Smash – Arrebentar

Thank you Bjj Heroes for the translations

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chidi wins by knockout!

Congratulations goes out to Sergio Penha BJJ fighter Chidi Njokuani for his 52 second KO victory against Chris Kennedy at MMA Xplosion last night. Once Chris felt Chidi's power, he immediately tried to take the fight to the ground, but was unsuccessful because of Chidi's much improved sprawl. Chidi relentlessly pounded a turtled Kenndy with hammerfists until Kennedy was unconscious and referee Steve Mazzagatti was forced to stop the fight.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Team Fabricio


Fabricio Team 7-26-10

I have to apologize first of all for not updating the blog as much i told you guys i would, but life here is somewhat hectic. Yesterday was one of the hardest practices i had here, i returned to the Fabricio Team, to try out their night class (i heard it was pretty intense). There were in total 7 students, 4 black belts (one being a world and brazilian champion) 1 brown, 1 purple and 1 blue. Fabricio the head instructor is friends with my dad, and said my dad taught him alot along with Oswaldo.
The gym only allows 2 partners to train at once, and barely train b/c you need to constantly stop to return to the center. Altough i felt i was moving slower then usual, i did pretty well only tapped once to one of teh black belts, and trained pretty well with the rest, i passed the guard from all of them. Something i found interesting in the gym is that many of the students were smaller guys around 130lbs-160lbs and they all more very well making it very hard for someone like me to dominate them.

Unfortunetly i am unable to upload the pictures i have taken, Shay took the adapter of the camera with her. AND IF YOU GUYS WANT ME TO WRITE ABOUT ANYTHING IN SPECIFIC GYM OR PLACE IN BRAZIL LET ME KNOW.